How to get rid of hiccups

1. What is it? Never intended to come Coming for a long time before recovering Perhaps to the point of being annoyed, annoyed, unable to do anything. Many people may have experienced the problem of hiccups. That sometimes come at times that shouldn't be like Being in a meeting Or discussing important events Or is in an event that Kaiwa will be born Thinking about it, it was frustrating, hugging his heart angrily. But don't be afraid Today we come to know how to get rid of hiccups. That we have gathered to tell you to avoid anxiety When this symptom returns

2. Get to know the causes of hiccups before you know how to get rid of your hiccups. There must be a cause. Anyone who does what is likely to be able to take care of and prevent this annoying symptom? Hiccup is caused by a condition of sudden contractions in the diaphragm muscles located between the chest cavity and the abdomen. Because of the contraction Resulting in rapid inhalation But at the same time, the incoming air is trapped by the vocal cords that suddenly shut down. From contraction of the laryngeal muscles Causing a hiccup sound that makes us frustrated It may occur short-term and then disappear, or in some cases lasting more than 48 hours. The origin may be from excessive smoking. Heavy drinking Eat food fast, don't chew it thoroughly or eat spicy, flatulence. It can also be caused by an agitated mood or a sudden change in temperature causing the body to adjust suddenly.

3. 5 ways to get rid of hiccups And does not affect the body For anyone who hiccups often Today we find a safe and easy way. More importantly, it does not affect the body to leave each other.

4. Take a sip of very cold water or gargle with cold water. This will allow you to breathe more by drinking a large cup of cold water, and the water will also help the muscles that block your breathing open and relax, but slowly drink and hold your breath after you relax. Late at night to avoid choking.

5. Hold your breath for a short period of time by counting to ten slowly. This is similar to the first method. After holding your breath We will be able to breathe more fully. Can help relieve symptoms of late night.

6. Eat more sour, sweet foods like a lemon slice or a block of sugar.This is another way to help your senses stay awake. From the taste of food Without causing any harm

7. Invite a friend to cause shock When shocking occurs, the body takes a quick breath. And the muscles stretch from the rapid startling

8. Sniffing or causing symptoms of sneezing This allows us to take a deep breath and sneezing helps the diaphragm and windpipe muscles to be exercised.

9. If the steps mentioned above are still not lost And continued hiccups for more than 48 hours, would have to see a doctor for medication and treatment to find the cause As I said, every symptom has its origins. And being hiccup for too long, like the body, sends some warning signs that we should be sure to check to be on the safe side.

How to get rid of hiccups


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