How to buy Bitcoin

1. 'Bitcoin', the digital currency of the new world What kind of investment will get the most profit! If several decades ago Someone tells you that there will be a currency independent of any government agency. But will be popular in use all over Which has lower payment fees than that of bank payments You would laugh and not believe. But today it is proven that you can buy anything. It's also amazingly rewarding with a form of money known as 'Bitcoin'. Bitcoin What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a digital currency. It was made with computers. Which is intangible money There is no shape for us to see like a banknote or a coin. It is a non-centralized system. There is no one owner. But can be used instead of cash to shop online with a peer-to-peer payment system. And called this money "Cryptocurrency"

2. To have money, must have a wallet, that is money If you want to have money, you will need to find a good wallet, which will have a function similar to a bank account. We store bitcoins before we spend them. There are so many different platforms of wallets - Coinbase wallet is a wallet that is easy to use on the screen of a smartphone. It will support both iOS and Androind with bank account binding. Plus, bitcoin exchange service comes out as real money and offers insurance for money - Mycelium is the most popular wallet application on smartphones. It can support new technologies like Trezor, Tor and Bitcoin storage hardware as well. - Electrum This wallet is a program that is used on the computer. Comes with an excellent security encryption system. To keep a lot of bitcoins well

3. How to get Bitcoin

4. Wire free for beginners Not much of a fortune, able to get free bitcoin from a trusted giveaway website. Which must be checked carefully Because most of them will deceive each other The web that is actually distributed is such as Which can go in and apply and get our bitcoin address from any website in,, or to fill in and keep the bitcoin constantly every hour, reaching the minimum amount. when Can transfer to our wallet

5. Line trading, where we will buy bitcoin from the baht, we do it in Thailand, their website,,, or will allow us to apply for identity verification, transfer baht into Account and buy bitcoin from a trader to belong to us. It depends on whether you prefer to hold money for many years or you can trade Bitcoin and trade in baht as well, but there are risks. Because the crypto market is open all the time.

6. The unique and fun bit of Bitcoin is that it can be mined like gold in digital form. Because it's designed to have a total of 21 million, there can't be more. So we have to use mining techniques. Is to dig up with hardware equipment Which this excavator can be bought online Just set it up, plug it in, pay your bill and leave it. It will keep digging out digital coins for us.

7. Each method of investing in Bitcoin is different. May not be able to judge which one is the best But it is important to constantly learn the details and trends of the currency pairs. In order to help contract the profit correctly for a limited time. And get the best results for you

How to buy Bitcoin

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